Cristina Roy

Yoga for Alignment, Stability & Strength


Poses are modified to the needs of the individual, making yoga accessible to everybody


Students progress in their practice through systematic sequences


Students are inspired to cultivate persistence and to be curious in the subject of yoga

Yoga with Cristina

Cristina's classes are thorough and purposeful, guiding students through a safe and systematic succession of poses (asana).  Students will be instructed through a thoughtfully designed class which allows for a progression to prepare the body and to build upon.  Clear demonstrations of the postures are provided in order to develop the student's understanding of correct body alignment.  Cristina adapts her instruction to each students fitness level and abilities.  Props such as blankets, blocks, belts and chairs are used as an aid to deepen learning and adjust postures to individual needs.  She provides a focused yet lighthearted class, allowing students to feel comfortable and find purpose working on their own practice.


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Cristina Roy Yoga

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